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Sneaky (Zucchini) Brownies

Why are these sneaky? Let’s see… they have no eggs or butter, they are chock FULL of zucchini, you can’t even tell they are made with zucchini, and they’re vegan!  I never reveal these are zucchini brownies until after my guests … Continue reading

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Bombshell Blondies

If you’re gonna go blond(i)e, you’ve got to do it right and these pretty little bites certainly deserve their title. I’ve talked about how much I love the Greyston Bakery Cookbook before.  In case you forgot, they are the geniuses … Continue reading

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Hot Wax and a Steady Hand

Last weekend my friends Gwyn and Paul held their annual egg dyeing party.  Makes you think of Paas and vinegar doesn’t it?  Well, this ain’t your white-crayon-and-octagonal-wire-egg-scooper kinda egg dyeing.  We made Pysanka – Ukranian Easter eggs.  There was a … Continue reading

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