Facts and Quirks:

  • I’m an amatuer (very amatuer) food photographer and no-so-amatuer baker and home cook. 
  • I love to try new food and tend to order the weirdest thing on a menu.  When there isn’t anything different or weird on a menu, or there are lots of weird things, I can take forever to order. 
  • I especially love weird cocktails: ones with herbs in them, odd tinctures, homemade bitters, savory items.
  • When I travel for pleasure, I travel for new food experiences.  When my husband travels for business, I tell him things he has to try so he can tell me about them until the day I can travel there and eat them myself.
  • I almost never use a recipe as it is written when I bake.  I always have to change something.
  • I also don’t write down how I change recipes.  I’ll be working on changing that so I can properly give you guys my recipes.
  • I never use unsalted butter.  Ever.  Please don’t call the baking police.
  • I’m a new member of a local cooking club that’s been around for ten years.  The host picks the theme and the guests must bring something that fits the theme that they’ve never made before.  It’s awesome.
  • I’m constantly trying to teach myself to like foods that I don’t.  What kind of foodie has restrictions on food?  I can now eat raw onions after 20+ years of avoiding them like the plague.  I like scrambled eggs and egg whites but can’t get myself to really like any other kind (fried, over easy, poached).  I’ll get there… someday.
  • I love wine because I get to smell and taste it and figure out what’s going on in there.  One of my favorite gifts I’ve gotten is a Le Nez du Vin kit.
  • I’m a science nerd by day.
  • One of my best friends in the whole world is a science nerd by day also… and a bad mammajamma in the kitchen.  Her specialty: cheesecake.  We’ve spent many an hour talking about starting our on food-based business together some day.  One day we spent a very long lunch in grad school dreaming up blog and business names.  I know I have it saved in a box somewhere… might have to hunt it down in the basement.  If my readers are lucky, she’ll guest blog sometimes. 🙂
  • I like entering recipe contests.  I was runner-up in an oyster contest once and hadn’t even made the recipe before I sent it in. 
  • I have piles of photos I’ve taken of food over the years.  People always laugh at me.  You only get it if you’re a foodie! 
  • I have a Jack Russell that will eat most food if you give it to him.  He loves gruyere cheese (I blame his Daddy) and frequently will turn his nose up at your average supermarket sharp cheddar.  I made dog treats once with apples, carrots, beef flavor, molasses, and other things he tastes/eats regularly in his dog food, plus some shredded cheese.  He wouldn’t even touch them… maybe it was the cheap cheese.

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  1. Rachel says:

    those teeny tacos are the cutest things ever!!

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