Hello & Welcome

Hello foodie friends… and regular friends yet to become foodies (just wait til I get my flour-dusted hands on you)… and strangers strange to food or just strange to me.

Welcome to my shiny new food blog. I’ve been that weird girl in the restaurant taking pictures of her food with a little point-and-shoot camera for years. I swear I must look like I’ve never eaten at a place with tablecloths before.

One year ago tomorrow I married the most perfect man for me. And this perfect man knew the perfect gift for his bride to mark 365 days of marriage: a shiny new Canon SLR camera so I could finally start my food blog with proper food photography. Within minutes of me opening it, he said to me “I expect your food blog to be up in a week!” He gave me the push I needed: I’ve been talking about doing this for years. I have taken so many pictures of food I’ve made and even more pictures of food I’ve enjoyed in restaurants. I’ll be taking even more pictures, but now I’ll look slightly more legit. 🙂

In my blog you’re going to find photos of kitchen treats: treats I’ve made and treats I’ve enjoyed out and about. Food doesn’t have to be sweet to be a treat! I’ll also post recipes I love and ones I’ve created myself.

I hope you enjoy reading and that the pictures make you hungry. Bon vivant!

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